Monday, July 05, 2010

Tour de Fleece

This year I'm taking part again in the Tour de Fleece. 2 years ago I loved doing it as I could take my wheel with me to France and I got quite a bit done. Last year we were in the US most of the time and there was no time at all to spin. This year we are leaving on our holiday halfway the TdF but we are going to an All In formula so I can take my spindles and there'll be time to spin! I'm quite excited about the holiday and quite excited about my spindle!

But, before I go further, the idea is to try to post here daily about the TdF and the spinning I get done. I joined the Monkey Farts team over on Ravelry which is basically a joined efford by Boogie from Spunky Eclectic and David from Southern Cross Fibre (I only recently joined his Fiber Club and I'm totally in love!). There's a little bit chaos about posting daily progress, and as I need to get into posting here more often (and to just make it all very simple for my tired brain) I will try to post my progress here daily, and then I can link in all the forums to this post!

So, I have very little goals for this TdF then spin as much as possible. On my wheel while I'm still at home, and then on spindles while on holiday. Of course I started of with quite a busy weekend and the weekend to come will be extremely busy as well (with no spinning time at all) so I need to get some done during this week!

I started spinning Myrtle on my wheel, which is a Spunky Club fiber. It's 100% dark BFL and I have 8oz. I still love spinning BFL and the colours on this dark fiber are great! I'm just spinning as fine as I can while it's still comfortable! It's going to be a 2 ply.

On the spindle I started an Abby Batt (from Abby Franquemont), no idea about fiber content or weight! We'll see what I end up with.

TdF day 1 & 2

As you can see I'm spinning on my recently bought mini Turkish Spindle. It's truly tiny (only 0,6oz) and I'm totally in love with this little thing! I spun the fiber that came with it but didn't find the time to photograph it (tried last night but it was already to dark outside to capture the brown/red fiber properly). The yarn I spun was so thin! It was a true laceweight 2ply. It was amazing and so easy to spin. So that's why I couldn't wait to get something new on there and spin it as fine as possible. I remembered these batts and just picked them up and started spinning. Oh, and added bonus, I spun on my Turkish spindle in the car!!

So this is the poor spinning of the weekend. Saturday I had actually planned to spin in the morning (it was my birthday so I had planned a morning of spinning and relaxing!) before we left for a weekend with friends. But I was so sick that morning that I could hardly sit up! So almost no spinning. Luckily I got better by the late afternoon so I could still enjoy the drinks and snacks we had planned with our friends. Sunday was spent doing very little in the sun with those friends, and in the evening I cooked and cleaned the house a little. So not much spinning that weekend.

But all the spinning I get done is more then I got done in the past few weeks! :D And there is some knitting to show but I'll try to do that tomorrow. I'll also try to take some better pictures today to show you tomorrow. Have to get a few more hours of work done before going home and spinning! :D


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