Tuesday, July 06, 2010

TdF - day 3

Yes, I know, today is day 4 of the TdF, but I get most of my spinning done late in the evening and so I get my progress shots done the next morning. So this is the report of yesterdays spinning.

I got some more spinning done on the Myrtle singles, but the bobbin is looking just the same (more yarn on it, yes, but I don't think it'll even show on a picture!). I think I have about 3oz done now and I plan on getting the rest done hopefully today and tomorrow so I can get some more spinning done on my wheel before leaving.

I did get part 1 out of 6 done of the Abby batt :

Abby batt

I could easily split the batt in 3 parts, one pink, one purple and one green. I have 2 of these batts (I'll try to take a picture tomorrow of the complete one) and I think they are about 1oz each. I could get all the pink of one batt on my tiny Turkish spindle. Hope I can do the same with the 2 other colours. I tried to weigh the small pink cob but I was to lazy to get out my small scale, and my big one sais it's 10gr but I'm no sure that's right! :D We'll see. I'm looking forward to plying this to see what yardage I have.

To make this post a bit more interesting, here is something I recently finished knitting :

Blue Azzu shawl

Pattern : Azzu's Shawl by Emma Fassio (free pattern - ravelry link)
Yarn : Sheepaints Meribam sock yarn
Needles : 4mm
I am totally in love with this type of shawls and I think it's a super alternative for all the beautifull handdyed sock yarn that I don't want to hide in shoes! Plus these shawls are perfect to wear on a Summer evening. I wanted 20 to take with me on holiday, but I'll be happy with a few! :D I'll probably take some sock yarn and patterns with me to knit over there, this shawl was super fast to knit!

I'm now knitting this pattern in a 100% silk yarn. I hope it'll turn out just as nice!

Off to do some spinning! :D


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