Friday, January 22, 2010

Felted hats

First of all, double good news. The dog is taking meds and we are hoping we caught it early. Might of course result in pups at the end of the Summer, we'll see. And the other good news is that by accident I found my hat! :D cleaning up the bathroom I found this plastic bag with the hat in it! I have no clue why I put it in the bag or when I last wore it so it's all a big mystery. But the hat is back and I'm happy! :D

I took a few pictures at my LYS (well, FYS really) yesterday but I forgot to photograph the shawl. So I'll show you the knitted hats I've been experimenting with.

Last year I knitted this hat for my FYS-owner, as a New Years gift. I showed it to her and took it back as I wanted to embroider it. I finally did that not so long ago and I gave her the hat. Many people were so enthousiastic that I decided to try to make a few and sell them. I want to make them all different by decorating them in different ways.

First, the hat I made for my FYS-lady :

Felted Embroidered hat
(more pictures at Flickr or at Ravelry!)

I love how this hat turned out, both the felting and the embroidery.

So I tried a green hat. It turned out quite ok though I don't remember how much yarn I used for the white hat and I think I need to use 2 strands in the future (the green hat is a bit finer and felted a bit smaller).

Green felted hat

The hat is less sturdy then the white one but it looks the same when you wear it. I did some dry felting on the hat to decorate it but it's not as nice as I had hoped. It'll do though.

The third hat turned out way to small (which adds to the idea that I should double the yarn while knitting the hats). It's a baby-sized hat. I had also dyed the yarn myself and somehow the brown turned into a nice purple in the washing machine! :D Not to bad as a result.

Felted baby hat

I do think it felted nicely apart from the brim which would look nicer in my opinion if it didn't curl so much. I added some crocheted flowers which I think it nice for a little child!

Both the hats are for sale at my FYS. I have a few new ones in mind. Actually, I need to perfect them more. If it works out I might try a few more for next year, as over here Winter is already half way behind us. I do need to use the yarn double stranded and I think I did that with the white hat. I'll need to keep more notes on these. I also want to experiment a bit with different hats, but that won't be easy as I don't want to steal designs from someone (this design was vaguely based on one in a book).

I also want to experiment a bit more with the decorating of the hat. I love the embroidery of course. But I'm a bit stuck for designs. I need to try more of the dry felting, which I think I can improve in as well. I like the crocheted flowers, but I might try to felt some flowers in the future. We'll see.

I am hoping to at least support my fiber addiction in the future with what I'm making. Somehow I realized I want to be able to at least safe a little money, so maybe if I can make enough money from being creative to buy more yarn and fiber, I'll have some extra to safe!

As an opposite, I bought myself a new phone! The iPhone is still way to expensive so I bought a (cheaper) Nokia model with less possibilities but still a nice phone. I need to make myself a case for it so that I can remove the protection and maybe can takes some decent pictures with it!

More soon!


Blogger PJ said...

Beautiful hats!!! I was thinking of that children's book- ever heard of it..Hats for Sale?
glad to hear your good news :)

1:33 AM  
Blogger Beachstudio said...

Your knitting is fantaboulous! I love it. We have an art deco I believe it's for you... I emailed you through Flickr.

12:37 PM  
Anonymous オテモヤン said...

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4:09 AM  
Blogger Beate said...

I like playing with wool- and felting is exhiting. Your hats are cool. I feltet coffe-cosie´s and embrodied some of them. It is fun and especially when the yarn & fibers are inspirering to new ideas.

8:02 PM  

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