Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Finally, a proper update! Lets start by the weekend. On Sunday morning I was woken by my boyfriend bringing me breakfast while in bed. Lovely! He has never done that before! Of course he didn't have a birthday-present for me, but well, I had a nice morning. After waking up slowly we went to pick up my sisters and drove to the coast with the dog. We went to The Netherlands 'cause in Belgium dogs aren't allowed on the beach during the Summer season. We had hoped to let her run free but that wasn't allowed before 6pm. Well, she had a nice time at the beach, look :

Not so good picture, but well, she didn't really want to sit still. Boyfriend took her in the water but she really didn't like that. She has never liked water, which is ok as we have some dirty streams around the property and it's nicer if she stays out!

I did knit quite a bit during the ride. I finished my sisters socks, the anklets in yarn from Hello Yarn. Of course my sister didn't want to model them, but my other sister didn't mind. Well, the pictures are quite bad as I took them in the car on the way home (my sister took the socks home) :

(In the second picture you can see boyfriend in the back :D)

I also re-started boyfriends socks but didn't get much done. I was quite tired by then and took a nap in the car.

Monday I drove to that lady who rents carders. She also sells lovely yarn and sold me some beautifull merino really cheap. Coming home I started washing some stuff :

(Mohair before washing)

Washed stuff, mohair on the left and wool on the right.

The wool is from the fleece I got from someone, I don't even know what kind of sheep it's from. But I already asked my boyfriend to call if I can get one or 2 more of those 'cause the wool is gorgious! I need to wash a lot more, but I already carded some and it's coming out so nicely, I think I'll try spinning it today to see how it feels. But the hairs are quite long and feel rather soft, so I guess it's nice wool. It's cheap, that's for sure!

I also had a first try at making stitch markers :

Top row are going to my SP, the lower row are for me. I need to make more! Sorry for the bad pictures, they were taking late at night.

Now another bad picture of a little lacy bad done out of sock yarn, it's holding the above stitch markers for my SP and will be mailed today :

(I really couldn't get a better picture :( looks way better in real)

And then, yesterday was a late birthday! In the morning I recieved the huge box from Hello Yarn containing all the lovely rovings I ordered from her and a ball winder! I was so excited! I tried the ball winder last night, look :

Can you tell I'm excited about this? From let to right (on the last picture) : handdyed wool, sock yarn, LL Lambs&Pride for the Clapotis I really need to finish.

Then later that afternoon I came home to find a package from Amazon waiting for me!!! Oh my, just to much for one day! It had the "Socks, socks, socks" book, "Knitting on the road", the book from The Yarn Harlot, and one book about art. I hadn't expected it so quickly at all, as the order said it could arrive as late as the 20th of this month! So wauw, now I feel like ordering more!

Well, today I plan on spinning some, washing more wool, knitting, doing some art, getting some packages ready to mail out. Tomorrow I'm hoping to go to Ikea to get some stuff for my knitting room. I need a table for my sewing machine.

Oh, before I forget, if I the money my father owes me in September I'll be buying this wheel. It's the Louet S45. I tried it when I got the carder and I'm in love with it! It's super small, you hardly have to tradle and you can spin super fine yarns! It's so nice and perfect! I really, really want one! :D Hopefully I'll have the money soon!

Ok, off now to get more done!


Anonymous Sandra said...

Orahge yarn looks great.My younger daughter wanta a beg out of that little lacy bad done!

P.S. Did you get my e-mail. You are not responding so I get feeling that again I have proglems with Yahoo! mail.

7:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love pink socks, nice job! Your dog is lovely! Sockbug

5:11 AM  

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