Saturday, July 02, 2005


I'm super happy as my Internet is fixed and I'm online again! The man from the company had a little time yesterday and came over. Turned out my modem was fried. I have a new one and I got back online yesterday but didn't have much time to post. So here is an update, with a few pictures! :D

Before & After :

This is a cute little bag I made out of puur wool I died myself. I loved how the yarn was looking before and I'm planning on dyeing a lot more to make the Hot Lava Cardigan , hopefully soon! I'll be using more purple/black kind of colours I think. But hmm, love it!

Oh, and of course, this bag is lovely too! I still need to take out the straps and put yarn in there. This one will be going to my SP I think, unless I manage to make a few more over the weekend (somehow I love this to much to let it go ... :D Silly me).

I think I mentionned finishing the Chutes and Ladders socks last week. Well, here's a picture :

My mom already has them. I had a real hard time handing them over to her. I'm not good in knitting socks for others and all the coming pairs - after finishing 2 pairs that aren't for me either - will be for me!

Currently I'm a good way through the second ancle sock for my sister. They are huge! And I don't mind handing them over as they are simple. I hope to finish the second sock this weekend. The other pair was ripped last night. I've been struggling with a short heel turn on a sock for my boyfriend (in self striping yarn, pictures posted ages ago) but I couldn't do a good one. I'm not sure, I didn't like the needles I was knitting with. The decision to rip was easily made with the bad needles and with the fact that I had ladders! I haven't had ladders in socks before, but this yarn feels strange. I'll start over with the lovely Addi's I got from my SP.

Which introduces the next picture :

She sent me this for my birthday!!! That's so sweet! 2 skeins of Rowan in the same colour, though one skein is a wool/cotton blend and the other is a pure merino. I love them both, to bad I have only one of each 'cause these would make lovely socks! The Addi's are bamboo! Really, I owe my first pair of bamboo needles, and it are turbos! Wauw! Will be in use for my next sock for the boyfriend!

I wanted to go and rent a carder today but turned out the store/person I was going to wasn't around today! I phoned though and I can go over on Monday to get one! I'm so excited! I'm sad I won't have it on my birthday but boyfriend finally mentionned he hasn't forgotten my BD so we'll be doing something together. Nothing much though. But I do want to spin a bit more today.

I have quite a few plans for knitting, spinning and dyeing. I'm so happy having time off. But I'll have to catch up on sleep first. I'm so tired it's getting annoying.

I went shopping today and bought one of those things to make i-cords! Don't know they are called in English. I used to have one at my moms and I'm sure she's still having it somewhere, but as it was only 3.30€ I couldn't leave it behind. I also bought one for the little girl of the riding school, I hope she'll like it. Is there a minimun age for this? At the same store I also bought a bunch of plastic containers. I bought one ages ago and love them but didn't find them in the store. This store (it's a Hema, for anyone in Belgium or The Netherlands) is new here and had them! They aren't expensive and perfect to use. More storage for yarn! :D I also bought some super bed sheets. They have such lovely sheets, I want to go back and buy more! My bedroom is the only room in this house I like having colours in. Well, the sheets are pinkish and I seem to have a new love for pink, beside my never ending super love for puple/egg plant. I saw some nice ones in egg plant as well and some more with vintage kind of prints, so I'm sure I'll buy more soon! They are in the washer now, will be on the bed hopefully by tonight!

Going to take a nap now, and then spin some or knit! I want to spin but I first want to have the carder to make the blends I want to make. Oh well, plenty of knitting to do!


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Love your bag and socks! Glad the Addi Turbos will be in use soon. Sorry I couldn't get 2 of the same yarn, but it was a last minute thing, and I thought they'd be nice as trims or scarves maybe with another yarn. Sounds like you've had a great birthday weekend! Secret Pal :-)

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