Wednesday, June 22, 2005


I had to come home early from horse riding today as my stomach was totally upset. I was feeling so sick I thought I would fall from my horse. So I just came home and went to bed. I'm still feeling quite bad and I would love to go back to bed even though it's way to hot right now to lay there. But I just don't feel good. I still have to cook but then it's to bed with some knitting I'm afraid.

Oh, I'm so excited about the yarn I painted last night! Turns out the Tinfix I'm having is really good to paint yarn - though I have to figure out measurements better! - and I can't wait to start painting more! My grandmother will be getting me some old pots and ovendishes so I can paint more. Can't wait really! To bad the weekend is so busy! I'll be getting more dye next week though while I'm in the city. I have so much to dye! So here are the yarns :

From left to right : the orange is sock yarn died with koolaid (the "white spots" were supposed to be green but the green didn't take well, I guess I didn't have the good colour or added to much water), this is going to turn into those little ankle socks (I'm usually not a fan of orange but it's Summer and I had so much of this Koolaid), the middle one is yarn I got in huge amounts at my LYS for a really low price, it's 100% wool, also died with Koolaid (red, pink, purple, but the purple dissapeared :( ), this will turn into a small felting project, and then the last skein is the one painted with Tinfix! It's and old skein from my grandmother, one of the 2 100% wool I found in her stash - which she gave me by the way - and I wanted to use it to felt but I'm not sure if it will. Doggie ate the label so no way I can find it out. As you can see I used a bit to much black for this skein, but I was in a hurry and I just wanted to see if the dye would take. It does so I'll do more precise measurements next time. Can't wait though! :D

Oh, and there were a few people who offered me to send some KoolAid, please do leave me another message, I can use some more. I'll send you something nice in return!

Then, finally a picture of the stuff my SP5 sent me :

The lovely branching out scarf, a tiny booklet to make notes (great to take with my in my knitting bag) and a holder with 2 tapestry needles, which is really hand is well! Thanks again sweet SP5! You are a great knitter!

Oh, and I found all the stuff I needed - the roving and the ball winder - to my great pleasure. I'm so happy and I can't wait to get it, hopefully in about 2 weeks!

Off now to cook some and crawl back in bed ...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh dear, hope you feel better soon. Love your hand dyed yarns! Secret Pal :-)

10:58 PM  
Anonymous Adrian said...

I think 2 weeks sounds about right. I got an invoice for the ball winder this morning. I bet they ship it today.

3:19 PM  
Anonymous Rox said...

Got Koolaid - want some? :o)

Lemme know!


4:00 PM  
Blogger Sylver said...

wow what a great scarf :)

dyeing yarn is too much fun eh? :D

5:54 PM  

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