Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Spinning Alpaca

I've been trying a couple of times to spin up the Alpaca roving I'm having, but I never got it going. Now today I started messing a little with the tension of my weel and quite soon I got it right. You need to spin at a really low tension or you just pull the yarn apart. I was so excited, I spun a whole batch (well, 100gr) and wanted to do more but I had other things to do. So to bad. :( And tomorrow will be very busy as well. I will go to the store to get myself some white sock yarn to dye with the dyes I bought at a store here, so see how it turns out. I don't feel like trying it on the alpaca, that would be way to expensive. And even if the sock yarn looks weird I'll still be able to use it as I don't mind weird socks! :D

There isn't much more to tell, one of these days I'll do a decent update. (Oh, and pictures of the alpaca some day this week ...)


Blogger Shauna said...

I would love to see pics of the Alpaca. I just spun up my first bit of alpaca as well, it's so delicate! But so soft...

4:53 AM  

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