Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A few answers

Before I go to bed (it's sooo late!) I wanted to answer a few questions I got recently.

First of all, about the yarn I recently died. As for the red, I used Dylon dyes. They are available over here in every store that has something to do with textiles, and they are basically the only dyes available in regular stores. I got some left-overs from my sister and thus mixed 1/3 purple and 2/3 of deep red. I guess it was about that. My sister had put the 2 open boxes (it's powder) in one bigger box and so they got mixed. Turned out that was a good thing!

The purple I got from combining 2 colours of TinFix, which is basically a dye for silk. I have used it before on all kinds of yarn and so far I had no real problems except with one of the blues I had (I had to cook that yarn with some vinigar again to set the blue better and it still kept bleeding a little). When I buy dyes I always bye a standard purple which I later mix up with red or blue or black to create the shades I really like. I'm a purple freak, that being the reason of the basis purple.

Then the question on the baby stuff. The booties where from IK Summer 2005. You can find a few patterns here , the others are only in the magazine. I knitted the Ruffle Ribs (the variegated ones) and the braided cable (the purple ones).

The hats are from IK Summer 2004. There are 3 hats in there and they are all fun looking. I will knit the other 2 somewhere in the future, for any baby that might be born!

One more thing. I started knitting the Norwegian Stockings from Folk Socks. I read at several blogs that they used 2.5mm needles (with Baby Ull) and the stockings turned out ok. Well, tried that, and my stockings are to tight. I'm not a very tight knitter, but also not a loose one. I also seem to have very big calves (that might be from all the horse riding I'm doing these days). So I had to switch to 2.75mm needles. Has anyone else had this problem?

Oh, and if there is anyone out there willing to send me an Inox circ 2.75mm (as long as possible) I would greatly appreciate it! I usually use magic loop for my socks you see, but now I'm using DPNs as those are the only ones in the 2.75mm I have. The size is simply not available over here. I will send you some yarn in return, maybe some sock yarn? Just let me know what you want! (oh, there are a few other sizes I would appreciate, like 3.25 and 3.75, also not available, same counts here, I'll send you some yarn in return or I'll pay you through Paypal, whatever you like!).


Anonymous Kelly said...

Hi Emily! Thanks for your kind words about my stockings. I wasn't sure where to answer your question and figured you would definitely see it here. I knit my stockings with US 2, size 3mm needles, a size smaller than the pattern calls for. They fit perfectly, but I definitely wouldn't go smaller. See, your calves are normal sized! Good luck and let me know if you have any more questions.

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