Sunday, May 15, 2005

Some pics

First one is the promissed button bag! It's felted and as said it's also very weirdo looking, but this was my first felting project and I think it's ok! It'll be just big enough to hold my sock-WIP and maybe cellphone, so that's nice.

Other pictures are from today's dying (dyeing?). I had a skein of white superwash sock yarn around and wanted to try if it would dye properly. And it does!! To bad it's only 50grams, I'll have to get some plain yarn to do the heel, foot and toes or I'll have to knit really short socks and I want to make bigger ones. It's a try to do self striping sock yarn. My first try. See the technique here. I used Kool-Aid, which I got from Miss Elise (thank you sweety) as this isn't available in Belgium. I thought the dark red was blue - the bag was blue - but it turned out to be red so I needed a third colour. So for the pink (3rd dye) I used my left over from the purple with half a bag of red/dark pink. It turned out nicely! It's drying now and I'm hoping it'll be dry when I return from horse riding and then I'll show it off here a bit better. I enjoyed doing this and I'm happy that sock yarn dyes so nicely! I'm looking forward to getting my jaquard acid dyes. Yeah, I love Kool-Aid but I can only get that through friends (if anyone is willing to send me some, give me a yell, I'll send you something in return!). Plus I'll be able to create more colours with the jaquard, and I can get the dye in The Netherlands which is much cheaper (well, now I ordered it in the US but in the future I'll order it more close to home!). Plus I'm going to try some of the dye I saw at the craft store I regularly go at. I was a bit scary of the "steam setting" you need to do but now that I got it explained it sounds really easy!

Ok, I need to do some other stuff before I leave for the riding school, maybe more tonight, but more tomorrow for sure!


Anonymous Rox said...

I KNEW that bag was going to be too cute!! Nice work!

4:32 PM  

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