Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The sock

I love this pattern, I love this yarn and I love my 2mm addi turbo needles, but I'm going to rip this sock. Why? Well, the 3 of them don't go to getter. Better told : I casted on my regular amount of stitches, but that's to little for these needles combined with this yarn. The sock is just to small. I have small legs, but not that small. I just love the tiny stitches and the compactness of the yarn so I'm going to cast on 4 more stitches and start over. It won't take me long to get this far again. I love, LOVE the pattern. I really do. It's so ... sofisticated! :D

I just contacted the online store again where I ordered Jacquard dyes and some books about spinning/knitting. I didn't hear back from them yet and i'm not sure they got my order. I really want those books, 2 of them are sock pattern books, the 2 others are scarfs books (yeah, my 2 addictions! :D).

Well, I'm off to do the ripping and starting over. Hmm, I should put socks on sooner next time, but will cast on more stitches when using my 2 mm needles!

Ps.: The button bag is felted, and looks great, very tiny. Well, great is not the word as it looks weird and not evenly. But it's my first felted thing so I guess I can be forgiven! :D


Anonymous rox said...

No!! All that work on the sock and now you have to rip?! That would make me want to cry.

Anxiously awaiting a pic of the button bag..... :-)

9:09 PM  

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