Sunday, May 08, 2005

Some pictures

Ok, a little explanation with all the pictures. It's not my most preferred way of uploading these pics but at least I can upload some. So this is better then nothing!

The first pic (so the way down) are the Crusoe socks. Well, one of them! :D The other one is finished as well but I never managed to take a pic of both of them. But I love them! They are great to wear! And I used only one 50gr skein for this pair! That means I have 3 more skeins in the same colour left. Crazy? Yes, probably, but I love the colour and the skeins are quite cheap. I'm going to make a regular pair of socks our of them in the future just to bring out the lovely colours. And maybe other pairs of course!

Second pic is the Bad Penny top I'm knitting for my mom. This is pure acrylic yarn and I will never buy acrylic again from now on - unless special requests or fancy yarns for extras - as I think pure wool is so much better!!

Third pic are small socks I made for a baby we are going to see this afternoon. I put the remote controller of the tv next to it to show how tiny they really are! I'm afraid they are not going to fit. I'll check the feet of the baby before giving them to mom I think! :D

Forth pic is the button hole bag I'm making. It'll be my first felting project, if I get the bag finished. One day I will for sure!!

And last pic is the yarn boyfriend picked from my new stash (got this skein with 4 others last Friday) for a pair of socks. Problem is I have a project on my 2.5mm round needles (the Lace Cap which I don't know when I'll finish it!) and I don't have 3mm round needles. I'll check the store tomorrow. I would prefer my 2.5mm but I know the store over here doesn't carry those, only 3mm. I had them in my hands on Friday (a second 2.5mm circular) but ended up not buying it and regret it now. I might order some more Addi Turbo's in various sizes. I know I'll have them by the end of the week if they are in stock and that gives me time to finish up other projects.

I have a pattern printed for the next pair of socks for myself, I just need to pick the yarn now. I don't know yet what to use, I thought about using the some yarn as the crusoe socks, but then I also have a big box of sock yarn from Hello Yarn so I might pic that yarn. I'll be knitting on my 2mm circulars. I like my socks tight. But can't do that for boyfriends big feet. I can't wait to knit with self striping yarn though. Hmm, big dilemma!

I'm off now to dinner with my inlaws and then the baby thing, I hope I'm home soon. Oh, I still need to show off a pic of my first skein of handspun, will do that tonight! Lets hope I'm home in time!


Anonymous Rox said...

Just cruising thru here - Love the button hole bag! And the sweet little baby socks are too cute.


3:35 PM  

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