Friday, May 06, 2005

Just ... wauw!!!

Today I discovered knitting heaven!!! I went to Gent (about 30 minutes from here by car) to do some shopping, planning on checking out some yarn-stores I had found through a search in the online phone book. I decided to drive to this one yarn store before doing any other shopping and man, I got in heaven! Really, this is a super store with lots and lots of 100% wool yarns, with a bunch of rovings (well, currently she only had apalca, but she'll have more) and just total gorgious stuff at really low prices (well, of course more expensive then acrylic, but who likes acrylic, right?). The lady running this shop has been doing it for years and they used to be the biggest from the Benelux (Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg). She still handles with big designers in Paris and goes there almost daily. That's why she can get this luxury stuff at low prices, because if she has to order for a designer she orders some extra to sell in her store. She's a wonderful lady and I spent 2 hours in her store! And spent a lot of money, but I don't care about that as I got some super stuff. I swear, if I lived closer I would go and knit in her store 'cause she had this special cornor perfect for knitting.

I got a bunch of apalca to spin (and I'm thinking of calling her to put all the rest of the rovings aside for me, it's a huge amount but I don't think I'll be able to get this stuff in such great quality any time soon!), in dark brown, grey and white. I also got some pure mohair in lovely colours. Well, 2 kinds of mohair actually. Then I got a silk/cashmere blend for the Cozy I want to knit (this one is uncoloured but I don't think I'll end up colouring it). And I got a bunch of wool to dye. That's commercial spun but you should see the quality! Oh, and I found self striping sock yarn as well! She didn't have much but if I like what she had I'll get more for sure! I can call her at any time and then she'll put stuff aside for me. She also told me she doesn't have much material right now as it's Summer and she doesn't like cotton so she doesn't really stock that, but she'll have a bunch of stuff when Winter arrives. One thing is sure : from now on I won't shop in any other store and I will limit my online ordering to the minimum as I can get this great stuff only a few minutes away! And I go there often for shopping (in Gent I mean) so you won't hear me complain!

I did order some Jaquard dyes online as I can't get proper dyes over here. Well, I can, but you have to steam fix them and I don't know how to do that with wool. If anyone can help me out that would be great! And I ordered 4 books, one on dying, one on spinning and 2 on knitting socks (yes, I admit it, I'm becoming a sock addict). Well, the sock-ones also cover spinning and dying sock yarn. Now I will also order some more addi needles this weekend and then I'll just start going with what I have as I spent way to much money already! Most of my money is gone for the month and we only just started! Imagine.

I'm going to do some spinning now, there is little other stuff I can do as they are finally fixing up our kitchen (about time) so I refuse to go in the living room as I can't see the dust and all. To bad I have to go to some silly dinner tonight 'cause I would have preferred doing art and spinning and knitting! Oh, and one thing is for sure : apart from the stash I got from my grandmother and some sill stuff I bought I will be buying no more pure acrylics! Maybe some blends, but I found out I love the touch and the way wool knits up, so that's it for me for now!

Hopefully, one of these days, I'll have pictures to show!


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