Thursday, May 05, 2005


I've been knitting but getting nowhere. So frustrating. I really wanted to knit a Cozy but decided not to start with silk yarn. I have to order silk yarn anyway (though I hope to find it at a Phildar store tomorrow) so I decided to start with another yarn. I'm new to lace knitting so I knew this would be something rather difficult. Well, it's not working! I could knit about 15 rows, and then today I knit and ripped a row 4 times to eventually loose so many stitches I ripped the whole thing. I'm so dissapointed and don't feel like knitting. I'll just cast on a pair of socks to make me feel better.

Happier news would be that I found a LYS! I didn't think there was a real yarn shop around here but there is! It's being runned by this old lady who has been running it for over 30 years! She wears a hearing device but is really nice and talkative! I'm afraid she doesn't see much customers these days. But she does have Regia-sock yarn (and other yarn), and Scheepjes, and some other yarns. She had some wonderful merino yarn as well, but most of the stuff she has is discontinued by the maker so it's mostly leftovers. Not that I mind, most of it has enough for things like a scarf or so. Well, if I manage to knit some lace I can do that scarf.

Other projects I still have on the needles are a bag that needs to be felted, and a hat. I think that's it. I finished the armwarmers I had on the needles and they are looking quite nice, I'll try to take a pic and then post it here. I should figure out how to add links and pictures to this blog. Not today probably, but one of these days. I'll be back with more :D.


Anonymous Sandra said...

Wellcame to knitting bloggers world! I'm happy you have left comment on my blog. Please, ask if you have questions - I would be happy to help. What is that concerne you about COZY?

10:00 PM  

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