Monday, May 16, 2005

An offer! :D

Here's my offer, for the first one to reply. I want a ton of Kool-Aid in all possible shades, from pink to red to purple to blue (and I also like the "switchin' secret"). For the one willing to send me some I will send 100grams (about 4oz I'm thinking) of pure white alpaca roving, first class, worth about $15. I can spin it into yarn, probably about fingering to sport weight. You choose. OR I offer 100 grams of the loopy mohair (pure mohair) shown below. You need to react within a few hours though if you want that as I'm going to the yarn store tomorrow to get it. You can have the purple, and I think they have orange/red shades, something with all kinds of colours inclurding green, and just gray/black coloured. Oh, and natural one, to colour yourself. It's pure first class mohair, no name as it's from big cones made for couturiers.

So that's it, my offer! First one to comment here will get the stuff, make sure I have your email addy!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

its elise! i would love love love the cashmere.
would you be able to spin it for me? i haven't gotten that far in the spinning adventure.
and, of course, mass quantities kool-aid will be sent...
;) just let me know!

11:03 PM  

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