Sunday, May 01, 2005

Lace? Yeah right! ...

Ok, I wasn't going to update till I figured this all out, but I can't just keep all the knitting news to pile up and I really want to get this blog started. I whish I wasn't such a nerd when it comes to webdesign and such. *Ughhh*

Friday I finished a pair of Crusoe socks. I love them! And I finished a pair of grown up socks in less then 2 weeks which is simply amazing! I find it so much fun to knit socks, it's easy to carry them with me on the train and at work (for some hidden knitting) and you have a nice result soonish. I need to start on another pair!

The weekend had fairly no knitting in it. Well, I've done a little trying out for a lace pattern. My first actually, and I was going to use some undefined yarn I got in the stash from my grandmother. But I hate the yarn and today I knitted like 6 rows of the pattern and I had already 2 stitches more then I started with. So I ripped it all. I'm considering ordering the yarn the pattern recommands but that'll be silk and that's expensive and I don't know if I really want to order yarn if I'm not even sure I'll manage the pattern. I considered going to the LYS here in town but they harldy have any yarn, let alone they'll carry silk yarn. So I have to order it online and then I don't even know yet if I'll still want to do the pattern, though I'm pretty convinced. Difficult dilema!

I still have a few other projects on the needles. Some armwarmers I put on some scrap yarn as I needed the 4mm round needles they were on for the lace thing, but as that one is off I'll put the arm warmers back on and finish them. I have some kiddie socks on the needles I need to finish by next week (not really a problem I guess, they are tiny!) and a bag that I need to finish and felt. I haven't felted before so I'll do a swatch first for sure! I want to finish it early this week as I plan going to the marker next Friday and that's where I get the yarn I'm using for this project. If the project is ok I want to bring more home as it's fairly good yarn and not to expensive. I also want to buy some merino rovings from the lady for spinning, though that's pretty expensive.

I'm happy I have a few days off next week 'cause I really have some great ideas for projects! I ordered some Lorna's Laces yarn online, but that's coming from the US so I won't have it before 2 weeks or so to start the project. If I order the silk that'll come from The Netherlands so it'll also take about a week I guess. So I'll have to think of some other possibilities for now.

Anyway, off to bed now, maybe some knitting on the bag before I close my eyes!


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